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Transforming Customer Support with AI: Our Journey

At Replift we started with a simple problem in mind: how to ensure that the knowledge gained by one support rep benefits the entire team. We realized that traditional methods of sharing information were inefficient and often resulted in lost knowledge. That's why we developed an AI-powered solution that not only captures and shares knowledge but also learns from it, enabling support reps to provide faster and more accurate assistance to customers.


Meet Our Team

The brains behind Replift: Our passionate team of AI enthusiasts and customer support gurus have decades of experience supporting highly technical products in 24x7x365 operations with 15 minute response time SLAs.

Eric Hileman

Eric isn't just building an AI; he's crafting a relentless learning machine that turns every customer support interaction into a masterclass in problem-solving.

Martin Pachol

Martin is the kind of tech wizard who not only codes his way through complex AI challenges but makes it look like he’s just messing around in a digital sandbox.

Talesh Seeparsan

Talesh, our CSO, faces down the threat of AI data leaks with a poised grin, expertly fortifying Replift’s systems to ensure that customer data remains locked down and completely secure.

Jacqueline Angus
Support Manager

Jackie isn't just a team leader; she's a zen master of the support dojo, turning chaotic customer complaints into calm, resolved tickets with a touch of savvy and a dash of cool.

Not another AI tool...

Your next best hire.

Replift isn’t about replacing your support team; it's about lifting them all to tier 3 with the collective intelligence of AI.