Replift isn't just another AI tool. Replift is...

Your next best hire.

Every ticket, every chat, every word — Replift reads it all. It learns in real-time, equipping your support team with knowledge not just to answer but to solve even the most challenging of problems. Setup? A breeze. Training? Just 24 hours. Integration? Seamless with all major helpdesk software.

Replift doesn't just support your team; it elevates them. Think of it as not just hiring another employee, but a force multiplier lifting all your reps to tier 3.

The image shows a user interface of the Replift browser plugin with multiple windows open. The left window, titled "Replift Resolve #KGO-27863," describes an issue where a customer's email logo is not refreshing despite being correctly updated. The center window, titled "Still need a solution?" prompts the user to add more information if their issue isn't resolved. The right window provides a step-by-step solution involving clearing the cache and deploying static content using Magento commands in a terminal. The UI is clean and structured, using blue and grey tones.
The image displays the "Welcome to Replift!" user interface, specifically focusing on "Step 1: Connect Your Helpdesk." The interface includes options to connect a helpdesk, create a key, install a browser plugin, and customize models. It prompts the user to select a helpdesk and configure it by choosing from various departments and statuses, such as Support, Sales, Billing, and different ticket statuses like Open, Answered, On Hold, etc. The layout is straightforward with clear instructions to proceed by clicking "Save" to synchronize and tailor Replift's functionalities to the user's existing helpdesk system.
Deep Learning

You know your FAQs are crucial but they barely scratch the surface.

That’s where Replift changes the game. Unlike other AI solutions that play it safe by memorizing FAQs, Replift dives deep. Every conversation, every query, every nuanced issue your customers face, Replift is there, learning and adapting. Our competitors know everything in your FAQ. Replift knows everything about supporting your product.

Empower Your Support Heros

Let's face it — customer support can be a pain.

Not just for the customers, but for the agents too. Imagine every support rep armed not just with answers, but with understanding. Replift doesn’t just spit out replies—it provides your team with the context, the background, and the detailed solutions they need to handle technical products like a boss. They can tweak, twist, and turn those solutions until they fit each customer query like a glove.

The image displays a user interface titled "Welcome to Replift!" highlighting "Step 2: Create Your First Key." This screen guides the user to create an access key for using Replift's browser plugin. The interface shows progress from a previous step (Helpdesk Connected) and leads to further steps (Install Browser Plugin and Customize Models). A form for creating a "Rep Key" is visible where users can enter a name for their key and create it with a "Create" button. The layout is clean, employing a simple and intuitive design with clear instructions for the user.
Boost Efficiency, Elevate Morale, Slash Costs

Boost Your Team’s Morale and Efficiency with Replift — For Half the Cost

In every team, there’s always that one rep who just isn’t cutting it. We all know replacing them is a nightmare — the search, the training, the whole shebang. That's where Replift comes in. For just half of what you’re paying your least effective team member, you can bring us on board. Imagine the relief your team will feel not having to pick up the slack anymore. Morale goes up. Customer satisfaction skyrockets. Plus, your team’s capacity to handle more grows, allowing you to scale support without scaling costs. It’s a win-win-win.

The image shows a metaphorical illustration of a businessman using a large pair of scissors to cut the string of a balloon labeled "PROFIT," which is weighed down by a heavy bag labeled "COST." The background is a plain beige color with minimal cloud designs, emphasizing the concept of managing business finances by cutting costs to increase profit.

Cut Costs
Not Corners

For half the price of your lowest-performing rep, Replift boosts efficiency and morale.

The image features a cheerful, bearded man working on a laptop at a desk. He is surrounded by playful icons such as a chat bubble, a plus sign, stars, and a smiling face, all suggesting a positive, productive environment. The desk also hosts potted plants, enhancing the vibrant, lively workspace atmosphere. The overall style is flat and modern, using soft colors and simple shapes to convey a friendly and engaging mood.

Boost Morale and Productivity

Replift relieves your team, improving performance and satisfaction across the board.

The image depicts a group of five diverse people joyfully holding up large golden stars, symbolizing achievement or satisfaction. Each person is smiling and actively participating in this celebratory moment, dressed in casual to semi-formal attire. The background is a soft, neutral color, adding to the overall cheerful and positive atmosphere of the scene. This illustration effectively conveys a sense of teamwork, success, and happiness.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With Replift, expect faster solutions and happier customers, all within 24 hours of setup.

Replift has completely transformed our customer support service. With their AI-powered solutions, we are able to provide quick and accurate responses to our customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

John Doe

Customer Support Manager, ABC Company

The image displays a user interface titled "Welcome to Replift!" focusing on "Step 3: Install the Browser Plugin." It outlines the completion of prior steps: Helpdesk Connected, First Key Created, and guides through installing a browser plugin with options for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Instructions are provided to download and install the plugin, and a key is displayed with a "Copy Key" button for easy setup. The interface indicates that the user has also customized models, marking the completion of the onboarding process. The layout is clear and user-friendly, designed to facilitate straightforward navigation through Replift's setup steps.
Privacy Isn’t Just Policy; It’s Our Promise.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

Here’s the lowdown: at Replift, we don’t just use words like “secure” and “private” because they’re trendy. We live by them. Imagine a vault, not just any vault, but one that's impenetrable, guarded, and respects your data’s privacy like a sacred vow. That’s us. We encrypt like Fort Knox and lock down information tighter than a drum. Why? Because in the grand casino of business, trust is the biggest bet, and we’re all in. Let's keep your data between us, just the way it should be. With Replift, you’re not just improving support; you’re ensuring that every piece of data shared in confidence stays that way.

Quality, Speed, Intelligence

Accept No Compromises

Other AIs cut corners with cheaper, slower models—we don’t compromise. Replift uses top-tier AI, designed for speed, accuracy, and, above all, effectiveness.

The image displays a user interface titled "Welcome to Replift!" focusing on "Step 4: Customizing Models," which is 32.59% complete. The interface shows the progression of previous steps, including Helpdesk Connected, First Key Created, and Browser Plugin Installed, culminating in the current step of Customizing Models. The screen provides information on the customization process, indicating that it can take several hours and that upon completion, the user will receive full access to Replift's capabilities. There are also suggestions for additional activities while waiting, such as creating more Rep keys, installing browser plugins for team members, and setting up spending budgets. The layout is clean, organized, and user-friendly, designed to guide users efficiently through the setup process.
The image shows the final user interface screen titled "Welcome to Replift!" indicating "Preflight Completed Successfully!" It confirms the completion of previous steps: Helpdesk Connected, First Key Created, Browser Plugin Installed, and Models Customized. The screen offers a congratulatory message and a list of next steps that include creating additional keys, installing plugins, setting budgets, connecting more helpdesks, customizing settings, and viewing reports. The interface is designed to be clean and user-friendly, providing clear navigation and instructions for optimizing the use of Replift to manage helpdesk tickets efficiently.
Integration? A Piece of Cake.

Think integrating AI sounds like a tech nightmare?

Think again. Replift slides into your existing helpdesk software smoother than a hot knife through butter. Set up? 24 hours and it’s like it was always there, whispering sweet solutions into your reps’ ears.

Not another AI tool...

Your next best hire.

Replift isn’t about replacing your support team; it's about lifting them all to tier 3 with the collective intelligence of AI.